Plugin Everything Showcases New Free Key Mix Plugin for AE

The “Latest Show Me Everything” Has a Look at a New Free Plugin on the Way for After Effects, Key Mix.

The dynamic Duo that is Plugin Everything talk briefly about the Bezier Node for After Effects that is inching towards a final release. The new Ae tool will place a curved line between two points with some excellent options for animation and controls.

Another preview the duo show is what will be a new and free plugin for After Effects (once it is released) called Key Mix. The plugin is essentially the KeyMix node in Nuke, only for After Effects. “our latest Plugin in development Key Mix which has seen us take Nukes Keying node and move it into After Effects.” James Whiffin mentions.

The team also discusses plugins that use Artificial Intelligence, or AI to operate, an exciting new avenue that will open up some incredible things for computer graphics workflows.