Parenting Shapes With PyMel While Maintaining An Offset

Harry Houghton Shows How to Maintain an Offset When Parenting Shapes to Another Transform, Using PyMel.

Parenting a mesh shape under a joint is noted as a typical task when creating Proxy Rigs with Autodesk Maya. There are a few ways to execute that bit of parenting, one way is to use PyMel. Rigging TD Harry Houghton shows how you can use PyMel for Parenting Shapes while still maintaining an offset.

Watch Houghton as he discusses how to use Matrices to reposition a mesh’s vertices for the sole purpose of maintaining an offset when parenting one shape to another transform. A perfect thing for creating proxy rigs. Houghton uses a free model that is courtesy of The Rigging Dojo, developed by the topology master HippyDrome.