How to Create a Houdini Smoke Solver From Scratch

Florian Eggers Shows How to Build a Simple Smoke Solver Using Base-Level Nodes in Houdini.

Why create your own custom Solver? There are many reasons, and one of them can be an exploratory one. That was the goal for Florian Eggers an FX Artist at AutomatikVFX, who is more accustom to Fume FX who wanted to learn more about how Houdini handles Fluids. Eggers documented his process and in the tutorial shows how to create a simple smoke solver from scratch.

Thre are more tutorials that show how to create various custom solvers in Houdini. Javier Toledo, a Technical Director at RushVFX, explains how to create a Grow Solver in Houdini. VFX Artist Dylan Brinsbury-Magee demonstrated how to create a lighting solver, while Entagma just created their own custom particle system using VEX code.