Professional Contract Tools for Motion Designers and Animators

Professional Contract Tools for Motion Designers and Animators

Motion Hatch Preps The Freelance Contract Bundle to Bolster Motion Design Pros.

If it feels like freelance in the motion design field is a lot larger these days, you probably are not wrong. The motion design industry is overwhelmed with training, online schools, and no shortage of Mograph Rockstars life-coaching their way into your wallets. When something that is much more pragmatic and valued pops up, it is easy to take notice. No more accurate than seen with Motion Hatch’s new Freelance Contract Bundle — How refreshing.

The bundle is the work of Hayley Akins who is currently prepping the template tools for release. The Freelance Bundle will offer a way for motion designers and animators protect themselves and their businesses. It does this with two professional templates: Freelance Terms of Service for day rate projects in-house, and a Commissioning-Contract for direct-to-client work.

Akins’ Motion Hatch focuses on the business of design with an engaging podcast, community, and resources all designed to help motion designers to do better business, something that tends to fall by the wayside.

The Contract Bundle is up for pre-release with a UK version, with an American version that you can pre-order now. Check out the Contract Bundle here.