Couture Helps to Create 3D Clothes in Maya

Florian Croquet’s Couture for Maya Eases Clothes Retopology Workflow and Other Cloth Related Tasks in Maya.

There are dedicated tools for creating 3D clothes for characters, along with cloth simulation effects. The one that will come to mind is Marvelous Designer. It is inexpensive, powerful and easy to use. Using MD doesn’t mean that there will not be more work within Maya. If you want a solution that can help with those Maya cloth related tasks, then check out Couture.

Couture is the brainchild of Florian Croquet, who admittedly had the tool around for a while. “I had this script on my shelf for months, but now I’m almost ready to release it :)” Florian says. Couture is a script that can ease the clothes retopology workflow while also taking care of redundant tasks that go along with clothes and cloth workflow in Maya. THings like creating Blend Shapes, Wraps, and the like.

Part of the toolset looks similar to how you can edit and manipulate UV’s in Maya’s 3D space directly in the Maya viewport. Have a look at the video to see how the tool works and what it is capable of. Florian is on the lookout for beta testers before the planned release in a few weeks. “Ping me by email if you want to try. However, I might not have the time to answer to everyone.” Florian mentions. Couture looks like a well planned out and useful panel for cloth work in Maya.