A View of Motion Design Freelance From the Trenches

A View of Motion Design Freelance From the Trenches

Andrew Embury Takes an Honest Look at What it Actually Means to be Freelance in the Motion Design Industry Today.

Andrew Embury and I talk quite often. He likes to run things by me, from emails, text messages, contracts, decks and other work-related stuff that inevitably ends up as a discussion of the industry. Motion design, like a lot of creative disciplines, brings a hill of problems that need counter-challenged answers. Standing on a mountain of work, problems, and solutions, why wouldn’t someone take a good look around and assess the view? Andrew does, has, and recently put pen to paper to write about freelance.

Read Andrew Embury’s “Of Mice, men, and Motionographers…

Embury penned and posted an article that details what it’s like to work as a freelance animator in today’s climate. The article comes as a sharp contrast to lifestyle and content gurus who push otherwise, often to make a sale. Especially those who glamorize the freelancing design industry with some of them even putting it under the guise of “giving back to the community.”

What if I told you that giving back to the community doesn’t involve harvesting emails?

Andrew’s article runs through his experiences starting from his pathed journey from none-at-all to know-it-all. I completely understand that everyone’s experience will be different, varied, and have different outcomes. But Andrew’s message is one of a stripped down and open approach to how things get done. A look that also details the balance. For example, you can’t just work hard without making sacrifices somewhere else.

Motion Design has the benefits of an active community but needs a one that is less dismissive of critical voices. Check out Of Mice, men, and Motionographershere.