Simple Shader Mapper Connects Maps to Shaders Quickly

Antonio Frontino’s Simple Shader Mapper for Maya Connect Textures to Shaders With a Click.

Linking image files can be a bit of a chore no matter how simple. Especially if you are creating lots of shaders, and using elements from another application in the pipeline. There are some tools around that can help ease that process while saving you some time. A new one from Antonio Frontino lets you import and connect a folder of images by just pressing a button. Simple Shader Mapper will help add images in all the right places.

Simple Shader Mapper is a personal project for Antonio. “For me, this is my final beta, and I’ve already planned to add some other features, like other render engine or create material from this window,” he mentions. The panel works with Arnold Render’s aiStandard Material and might help out with your shader-building. Simple Shader Mapper is free.

If you are working with Allegorithmic’s Substance Painter, then you should check out Mostafa Samir’s Substance Painter Importer. It can add all your images and material parameters from Substance Painter with a few clicks.