Automatically Connect Substance Painter Textures in Maya

If you use Allegorithmic’s Substance Painter for a more traditional workflow in another 3D applications like Maya, you may find that linking all the textures can easily get out of hand. Reconnecting Substance painter textures can take some time.

Substance Painter importer helps you to speed up your workflow from Substance Painter to Maya

One 3D model can be made up of many components, and each component, a shader, and each shader has a number of channels and maps. All that can quickly add up. Especially if you need to connect all of the Substance Painter textures into new shaders in Maya.

Allegorithmic has included experts for different environments and render engines. Exporting as Arnold Renderer for example, will give you Substance Painter textures that are formatted for Arnold shaders.

3D Artist Mostafa Samir has automated that process through a new free Maya script. Substance Painter Importer can load your images and material parameters from Substance Painter with a few clicks. The Substance Painter Importer supports multiple materials, making it a much faster workflow than doing it manually. The script also supports UDIM workflows.