Check Out What’s New With The Latest HDR Light Studio

HDR Light Studio Carbon Drop 3 Offers a New Octane Standalone Connection and Updated Houdini Connection Supporting Redshift.

LightMap releases a new version for HDR Light Studio Carbon with Drop 3. The latest features comprise of a new and expanded preset system for rigs and lights that also includes content and elements. The Preset System will save you some time allowing users to keep their own presets. “We have made lighting shots faster by developing a ‘Save your own Presets’ feature, which means your favorite lighting settings can be stored, dragged and dropped in an instant, allowing for even more creativity and exploration in your lighting.” The new preset functionality works with all plugin connections.

Also, new with Carbon Drop 3, is a new connection to the Octane Standalone application. Another updated Connection for Houdini sees further support for the favorite production GPU renderer Redshift.

If you’re an existing HDR Light Studio subscription or maintenance customer, you can access the latest release. Just log in to your account and download.

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