How to Auto-Rig and Simulate Plants in Houdini

Fabricio Chamon Shows a Quick and Cheap Way to Auto-Rig and Simulate Plants Using the Wire Solver in Houdini.

The vast sandbox that is SideFX Houdini is capable and ready for any task. That doesn’t mean that everything needs to be a big production. You can get away with some pretty elegant solutions to complex problems. An example of that would be Fabricio Chamon’s technique to auto-rig and simulate plants in Houdini. It’s a fast way to create interactions with your plant assets that you could use for a range of purposes.

The technique relies on the Wire Solver for the Auto-rigging. Chamon also covers some tips and tricks on how to re-use the initial plant skeleton setup, so that you can scatter and simulate lots more plants on a section of ground or terrain.

Fabricio Chamon is a Freelancer Artist, generalist and FX TD.