The Best of C4D R20 Sneak Peeks

Maxon Announces Cinema 4D R20 With Node-Based Materials, MoGraph Fields, and Multi-Pass GPU Renders.

Maxon announced Cinema 4D R20 that boasts some significant new features, and the internet responds with early adopters showing off some of the best and most prominent of those features. Even though the release date for R20 has a release schedule for September 2018, a select few have used the favorite motion graphics tool for a while and are starting to show off some of what has changed. Check out some of the top presenters below!

Dimitris Katsafouros offers an overview video of Cinema 4D release 20 That looks at working with VDBmodeling and Mograph Fields.

Rob Redman Offers an introduction to Volumes, Cinema 4D’s implementation of open VDBs.

3D Fluff Matthew O’Neill covers all the significant new features including node-based materials.

Cineversity, Rick Barret breaks down all the new features too, with this huge playlist.