Cosmos for Maya Updates With New Ways to Filter Results

Martin Gunnarsson Releases a New Version of Cosmos Command Launcher for Autodesk Maya.

Cosmos is a way to have complete access to and launch all of Maya’s commands by typing. Think of it as a search engine for Maya and all its tools and your scripts. Recently its creator Martin Gunnarsson released a new update for the type-to-launch command tool that adds blacklist actions, filters, and the ability to use multiple file paths.

What’s New With the Command Launcher

Cosmos 1.5 adds Blacklist Actions, letting you hide the results that you rarely use, making the search much cleaner and easier to find what you need. Also in this vein is the new ActionList that lets you apply filters. It is also easier to add scripts, with a simplified interface and full support for tags and multiple paths for your actions.

Another welcome change is the ability to read Actions from multiple locations. Adding more than one place will let you centralize your actions for use practically anywhere. Why not link your Actions to a Dropbox folder, so they synchronize across all of your computers.

Availability and Pricing

Cosmos is available today, under a “pay what you like” model. Visit the page for Cosmos for Maya for more information, documentation, and download.