Check Out This New Weathered Surface Pack for Octane From Rad Science

Rad Science’s new megapack of weathered materials packs detail and photorealism.

Rad Science recently released another megapack, this time offering 100 highly detailed and photorealistic octane materials. The Octane shaders come as a drag-and-drop material, all seamless and tiling. The weathered surfaces pack started as photo scanned and hand-tweaked shaders containing Optimized 4K JPGs and TIFs with 8K maps available.

“These new shaders are the most fun, detailed, and photorealistic Octane materials I’ve ever released.” Rad Science’s Teddy Gage says about the materials.

This pack offers hand-tweaked tiling materials in a super easy, fast C4D file. Alternatively, you could download the folders of qualified PBR textures and set them up how you like in Arnold, V-Ray, Standard / Physical Render, Corona, etc. The pack works excellent in-game like Unity and Unreal.

If you work with Octane and C4D, you can get weathered cement, wood, plastics, gravel, ground surfaces, cracked boards, rusted metal, eroded shingles, and more.

Get the Weathered Surfaces Octane Materials Pack.

The Weathered Surfaces megapack contains 100 Cinema 4D Octane materials, over 450 raw PBR textures, and 33 HDRs in 16k resolution. (For a limited time, receive the Weathered Farmhouse HDRI set with 33 16K HDRIs shot on location, worth $50, for the total price of $99.)

Visit the Gumroad page to pick up the Weathered Surfaces Octane materials here.