Cobbling Together a Cobblestone Material in Substance

Chuck Trafagander Covers Creating a Cobblestone Path With Substance Designer.

If you work with Substance tools and haven’t dropped by Chuck Trafagander’s Get Learnt channel, you should probably rectify that. The channel hosts a series of tutorials that dive into creating various material for all kinds of stuff from tiles to leaves to wood and even fabrics. His latest shows how to create a cobblestone material with Substance Designer.

A perfect fit for a procedural workflow, the tutorial starts out by building the cobblestones and then works to make them more random. It doesn’t stop there though; Chuck then shows how to add natural looking debris to the path such as leaves and twigs that can lie around and ad a bit of realism. The tutorial also covers how to bring color into the material the easy way. In all, if you are just getting started with Substance Designer, this cobblestone walkthrough features all the highlights.

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