Extracting a Transformation Matrix from Moving Objects in Houdini

Paweł Rutkowski Shows How You Can Extract a Transformation Matrix Using VEX in Side FX Houdini.

Showing off a technique often used in production, FX Artist & 3D Generalist Paweł Rutkowski shows how to extract a transformation matrix from an animated object in Houdini using VEX. Let’s say that you get an animated object from another department, and you need to apply some effects to the model. It would be easier to use those effects to a static model, and that is what this tutorial is all about.

Rutkowski shows how you can extract a transformation matrix from the animated object so that you can work on a static version at the origin of the scene. You can then apply the matrix back to the model when your work is complete. Rutkowski’s last tutorial also focused on FX, showing how to create an orient attribute from scratch so that you can add proper rotations to a fracture and particle system.