An Introduction to Using CryptoMattes in Fusion 9

Helge Maus Offers a Complete Overview for Getting Started With CryptoMattes in BMD Fusion.

Even though ID and object passes have been part of production workflows for a long time, Cryptomattes have changed that game. It’s no wonder that so many have been creating tutorials for working with CryptoMatte in native tools. Helge Maus created a demo showing how to work with mattes in Side FX Houdini. His latest tutorial extends the workflow over to Fusion 9.

Maus starts with how to install the Cryptomatte Tool inside of Fusion with the help of the brilliant Reactor Plugin and how to use Cryptomattes to pull masks on the fly for compositing. Reactor is a tool that lets you manage packages for Fusion. Cryptomatte is a tool created by Jonah Friedman and Andy Jones at Psyop that can automatically generate ID mattes.