Methods for Cleaning Up Surface Mesh Issues in 3DC

Need to Clean Up 3DC Mesh Issues in Surface Mode? Here are Some Easy Methods.

3D Coat has a few sculpting methods that include surface and voxel mode. As with any sculpt application, it’s necessary to chase down mesh issues that may consist of problems with resolution. 3DC has many tools for dealing with such a dilemma. The 3D Coat Channel posts a look at a few methods for cleaning up issues while in Surface Mode.

Tangent Smoothing allows you to clean Surface Mesh issues on the fly without degrading surface details or shapes. Another method, Powerful Smoothing also fixes holes or surface imperfections. As the name suggests, it works with much more aggressive smoothing. Hitting the ENTER key in Surface mode will temporarily Voxelize and remesh the object, then return to surface mode, all in one quick step.