How to Morph Type With Particles in Fusion

Okke Verbart Shares a Template That Can Morph Type Using Particles in Blackmagic Design’s Fusion.

“A Blackbird Called Sue” posts a walkthrough of a few templates made for Fusion, which let you morph type with a particle transition. So, not so much a tutorial, but still quite helpful in deciphering how the system works, by learning from what is involved with the node tree in Fusion. The five templates are a free download.

Verbart shares a lot of tutorials for Fusion that involves type in some way. A while ago, a tutorial described how to create pixel art bricks, with a technique that replaced an image with a particle group and then replacing those particles with geometry. Another showed a procedural method for distressing type in an animation. Lastly, a  tutorial covered how to create animated outlines for text using the Custom tool in Fusion.

Download the free Fusion templates to Morph Type here.

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