Plugin Everything Releases Bezier Node for After Effects

Bezier Node is the Easiest Way to Draw Curved Lines to Elements.

“Plugin Everything is excited to announce its latest plugin “Bezier Node.” A plugin that allows the user to draw a beautiful curved line from A to B.”

The duo behind Plugin Everything has been doing just that: plugging in everything. Remember when the next great thing for Ae used to be an actual plugin? In a world where scripts and expressions are rampant in the After Effects community, Plugin Everything has been bringing back the lost art of plugins for After Effects. Thier latest release, Bezier Node, provides a helpful and easy way to connect a curved line between two elements in After Effects.

Connecting elements is a fashionable motion/infographics aesthetic. Now it is easier than ever using the BezierNode plugin. The ae tool lets you connect elements in Ae and draw a curved line from A to B, with controls that enable you to adjust parameters for axis, symmetry, adding extra lines, and animation through trim paths. The Bezier handles update automatically based on start/end positions. Learn more about Bezier Node for After Effects here.