See What’s New in Mari Extension Pack 4 Update 13

Jens Kafitz Walks Through the New Features in Mari Extension Pack 4, Including A/B Wipe, and Direct Environment Light Rotate.

Mari Extension Pack 4 Update 13 adds some welcome features to the Mari set of scripts and tools. Foremost is the new splash screen where you can keep informed of updates and changes with the pack.

Also of note is the ability to rotate the environment light right from the Mari Viewport without having to use the lights panel. Keyboard modifier keys can swap between slow, medium and fast rotations, with rotational increments set through the preferences.

Mari Extension Pack 4 Update 13 adds a new A/B Wipe Node. Now you can compare two inputs with a standardly driven screen wipe like you can with other familiar look-dev tools.

Update 13 also hosts some feature updates to Image, Axis Projections, and Arrays. Everything new is featured in the video or, with the release notes here.

MARI Extension Pack 4 is the industry standard Plugin for MARI by the Foundry. Key Features include:

  • 200+ Feature Additions and Improvements
  • Dozens of Procedural and Adjustment Layers
  • Workflow enhancements for managing layers, channels and projects
  • Nodegraph Improvements
  • Procedural Edge Wear
  • Material Tools
  • Complete Online Help (optionally offline) & Tutorials
  • Commercial Use on single or unlimited MARI seats