Create a Fully Controllable Infection Effect in Houdini

Fabricio Chamon Shows How to Create an Infection Effect Using Solver SOP and VEX in SideFX Houdini.

The internet is chock-full of tutorials that cover growth and infection effects, and most center around SideFX Houdini. You can add Fabricio Chamon’s Latest tutorial to that mix. Fabricio walks us through creating a great-looking infection or spreading effect and is one of the only tutorials that covers the topic from zero to completed final asset. The tutorial shows how to create an art-directable growth effect that is much more than just procedurally altering the texture.

Plenty of tutorials subject procedural growth from growing plants, vines, and trees, to propagating geometry, surface packing, and even knitting. I’ve rounded up some of the most compelling and instructive tutorials that cover creating an infection effect or growth effect, which you can see here.