Compositing Theory, The Numbers Behind Blend Modes

Simon Ubsdell Explains the Theory and Math Behind Blend Modes, Essential for Compositing Basics.

Working with any type of graphics on the computer, we inevitably use blend modes every day without even giving it a second thought. Some Blends are relatively intuitive, while others have some people doing the endless “let’s try this one!” cycle. Even though we work with those modes every day, some still elude us. Understanding what exactly is happening will help prevent the hunt and experimenting with the right method, while merely trying to get work done.

VFX artist Simon Ubsdell starts a new tutorial series that will cover the foundation of compositing theory. The first in that series look into the theory behind blend modes. It’s a solid introduction to some of the key concepts that will help unlock many of the most essential secrets of compositing according to Ubsdell.