How To Create a JSON File for After Effects

Sergei Prokhnevskiy Shows How to Create a JSON File and How to Use it With After Effects.

If you work with After Effects Expressions, you might already be familiar with creating and using JSON files. JSON (Javascript Object Notation) is an open-standard file format that you can use to store and transport data. It’s mostly a text file, that is reasonably legible, meaning that the data is in attribute–value pairs and array data types rather than code. Why is this something useful? This question gets answered by Ukramedia’s latest tutorial which looks into working with the file format.

The file format is perfect for working with data within animation in After Effects, which leads to some flexible workflows. Prokhnevskiy shows how you can create a simple file, demonstrating the concepts for how it all comes together in After Effects.

Ukramedia offers an introductory course for learning Expressions in After Effects. Although it doesn’t cover working with JSON, it is a great place to get started with the basics for working with Javascript that can pole-vault you to more complicated setups.