How to Create Normalization With Nuke

Chetal Gazdar Covers a Fundamental Concept Tied to All Animation and VFX Work, Normalization.

One concept that will come up time and time again in VFX is the concept of normalization. It’s a way to scale data groups so that the minimum and maximum values of each group are zero and one respectively, or so that the area of a distribution curve of the groups are equal to 1. It is something that gets used all the time in compositing.

Showing off some normalization techniques with his new tutorial video is VFX artist Chetal Gazdar who steps through some methods for normalizing by providing some examples with Nuke. It’s a technique that artist use to remap from float values to fit within a specific range. Most of the time that range is 0-1. One of the most common occurrences of this is remapping RGB values of 0 to 255, to a scale of 0 to 1.