Working With Houdini’s Detail Mesh Digital Asset

Paul Ambrosiussen Shows How to Use the Detail Mesh HDA from Houdini’s Game Tools.

Houdini’s Game Development Toolset is a compilation of tools that can speed up game development tasks in Houdini. There are over 30 tools that range from UVing to generating Motion Vectors from simulations. The Game Tools are similar to Maya’s Bonus Tools where they are not part of the regular development cycle for Houdini, but instead issued when they are complete. One such tool, the Detail Mesh HDA is a tool that lets you project a detailed mesh on to template geometry.

SideFX Technical Artist Paul Ambrosiussen shows how the new Game Tool works with this latest video. Detail Mesh can automatically analyze the template and will base the projections on the UV set. The tool will then plan the mesh onto the model to create the output. The Asset will try to patch any holes for some simple seam removal and post-processing.

Visit the page for the Game Tools Detail Mesh for more infomration on its use.