Kiko is a New Tool for Pipelining Animation Curves

The Tool Chefs Launches Kiko, a New Open Source Project for Animation Curves Managment.

The Tool Chefs Kiko, which stands for Keys-In-Keys-Out is a platform designed to handle animation curves data for Maya and Nuke in a pipeline-friendly way. Written in Python, Kiko can define operators that handle various types of data per item, or channel, and can do this across multiple DCC’s. “We are looking for contributors who could help us making it work on others DCCs (i.e., Modo, Houdini) and writing new operators.” according to the Tool Chefs.

You may remember the Tool Chefs as the creators of Atoms Crowd, the framework designed easy crowd simulations for visual effects. The crowd framework is an entirely standalone tool that you can easily integrate into any 3D application and currently supports integration Autodesk Maya and Side FX Houdini.

Check out the getting started videos that cover the import and export of User Interfaces, cameras, and one that walks through the codebase. Kiko was tested with Maya 2016 and up and on Nuke 11. Visit the Github code repository to learn more about the Tool Chefs open source initiative for animation curves management across multiple applications.