Creating Fire With Particles and Fluids in Maya

Reza Sarkamari shows how you can create fire using a fluid container and emission maps.

Before Bifrost, there were Maya Fluids and nParticles. While Bifrost is ultimately more versatile, Fluid simulations are still a viable thing in Maya.

Check out this tutorial to quickly create fire using Maya Fluids, nParticles, and emission maps, from Reza Sarkamari. 

The tutorial runs through all the proper settings. “we start with a 3D fluid container, and tweak Density and Temperature values,” Reza says. “Then we add force fields and polish the shading roll out to complete the fire effect.”

About Reza Sarkamari.

Reza Sarkamari has nearly two decades in the industry under his belt and is a Maya Certified Professional, a Nuke Certified Trainer, and an Adobe Certified Specialist.