The Benefits of Working With Procedural Modules in Houdini

Ricardo Ponce Demonstrates How Procedural Modules Concepts Can Lead a Procedural Building Generator in Houdini.

Technical Artist Ricardo Ponce covers the concepts for creating low-level logic in SideFX Houdini that can copy unique and random primitives to points. The explanation which breaks the concepts down into two sections shows how Ponce approaches working with procedural modules.

Ponce walks through the general concept phase and explains the logic in depth, showing how to efficiently copy different primitives drawn from a selective pool to any number of points in the scene. The video also shows an unfinished setup by Ponce as an example that shows how this technique is essential and allows modules to be instantiated to points with unique properties.

explaining a bit about the procedural modules, Ponce says “This was the core logic behind one of the many procedural buildings setups that I developed some while ago, and I especially think it’s a powerful yet friendly approach to this, without getting tangled into so many vex wrangles, conditionals, and statements.”