NitroMan Returns With Free Magic Particle Collision Plugin

New C4D Freebie Magic Particle Collision Offers a Simple way to Make Particle Interactions in C4D.

It’s been quite some time since we’ve had a new effort from NitroMan. Not to worry though, the prolific C4D tools developer has a new plugin that is called Magic Particle Collision for C4D, and it’s another freebie. The plugin will let you modify any particle system in C4D to give you an easy way to create collisions.

Magic Particle Collision offers controls for collision radius, bounce, gravity and lets you switch between different mode types. It’s an easy way to set up particle collisions between particle groups and objects instantly. With the release for Cinema 4D R20, many plugin developers have modified their third-party tools to work with the new architecture. NitroMan confirms that all Nitro4D plugins work with C4D R20, except for Thrausi and EasyCloth which rely heavily on C.O.F.F.E.E, which was announced dead by Maxon back in November 2017.

Magic Particle Collision is a free download, visit Nitro4D to learn more.