NodeCalculator for Maya Gets More Versatile

Mischa Kolbe’s NodeCalculator 2 Gets More Features, Cleaner, and Better Documentation.

Mischa Kolbe is currently a Creature TD at DNEG Vancouver and has recently updated his tool for creating Maya node networks through scripting. NodeCalculator for Maya is an open source python module that lets you generate node networks by writing math formulas. With the release of version 2, NodeCaluclator gets more versatile, and easier to expand. The documentation also gets an overhaul and is now more complete.

To achieve a specific behavior that goes beyond the built-in functionalities of Maya, you often find yourself setting up a network of nodes. To script such a setup is quite tedious: Lots of createNode, setAttr, and connectAttr commands, which obfuscate the underlying idea.

With the NodeCalculator you can write a simple math formula, and it creates, connects and sets up the necessary nodes for you.

This OpenSource Python script just got a significant update. The second version is much easier to expand, has new features, is well documented and has a much cleaner code. No need to install any plugins; you download it, put it in your script folder and import it in Maya. Get NodeCalculator 2 here.

The documentation makes it easy to search through the code or find tutorials and examples.