Animate Softbody Damage in Cinema 4D

CG Shortcuts Uses Softbody Dynamics in C4D to Animate Dents and Damage to an Object.

Dynamics can create some fantastic things, not to mention that they are pretty fun too. Dynamics can drive all kind of destruction, from fracturing an object to full-on exploding something into a million pieces. It’s not the first thing that you think of, but you can also use dynamics to damage and dent an object. Denting is the premise of CG Shortcuts Dave Bergin’s latest tutorial, that shows how you can create dents into a softbody.

Softbody dynamics make short work of cloth effects, but it is also useful for other dynamic drive tasks – Some of which can mimic rigid body dynamics. Here, Dave shows how you can throw objects at a soft body and damage it by leaving dents as they pummel it. Pretty neat.

As with all CG Shortcuts, you can download the free project file too and use it in your motion graphics work.