Applying Custom Attributes for Modeling in Houdini

Tyler Bay Covers a Useful Method for Applying Custom Attributes to Node Parameters.

Tyler Bay is a 3D Artist who has a series that helps Artists better understand Houdini. Aptly named Houdini for the Artist, the series looks at giving foundational techniques to the new artist that wants to make the jump to Houdini. In a modeling quick-tip, Tyler covers how to apply custom attributes to node parameters in SideFX Houdini.

Adding parameters is the basis for a lot of situations that can range from procedural modeling to texturing tasks, controlling simulations and anything else that you need to tie to a parameter.

Houdini For The New Artist is a free course offered through CG Circuit. ” Houdini for The New Artist is perfect for anyone interested in learning Houdini for the first time. To keep things interesting, we learn about the basics while building “Alfred the Rhino” from scratch. If you’re looking for an intro tutorial that gives you a bit of everything, fun to work with, and straight to the point – this is for you.”