How to Paint Objects on Surfaces in C4D Without Plugins

Stormz Shows How to Paint Objects on Surfaces in C4D With an Easy Setup.

If you are creating an outdoor environment, you need to scatter objects across the surface of other objects. For example placing grass, rocks, and trees on the ground. There are plenty of ways to do this if you work in Cinema 4D. Some plugins let you paint objects onto others, while others choose a custom setup that will do the same thing. Cinema 4D has most things built into it that will let you create your own —Namely the hair system in C4D.

Stormz shows how to create a custom system, that will let you paint objects on the surfaces of other objects, quickly and easily. The technique is a simple one, that offers extensive control, without using a plugin that you have to purchase. Perfect for adding elements to outdoor scenes.

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  1. fei

    In R20 , it can not work. The Clone system can not recognize hair system as a spline.

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