How to Create an Automatic Squish Effect in Cinema 4D

Alpha Pixel Shows How to Create an Interactive and Automatic Squish Effect for Objects in Cinema 4D.

Have you ever wanted to create the realism of weight to your 3D objects? For example, have a tire bulge under its own pressure, or have the sole of a shoe flatten each time as it hit the ground. Alpha Pixel’s AJ Haines shows how you can create a set up in Cinema 4D that will offer a squish effect for any object, that is interactive and automatic.

The foundation of the system uses a Mesh Deformer to create the effect. The rest is a few other techniques to rig the deformer to the object. Detecting the ground and other subtleties of the rig are handled with a little bit of Xpresso. The tutorial will leave you with a setup that you can reuse with other objects. Simple swap out the model for a new one. AJ even posts the scene file for download, here.