How to Use MASH to Create a Procedurally Generated Lipid Bilayer

3D Splanchnic Shows How to Use Maya’s MASH to Create a Common Molecular-Level Representation of a Lipid Bilayer.

If you even had to create a microscopic level animation, chances are pretty high that you had to build a Lipid Bilayer. The bilayer membranes are the barrier for most all organisms as well as viruses, so it would stand to reason that it’s a favorite thing to render. If you are using Autodesk Maya, MASH becomes perfect for this type of workflow.

3D Splanchnic covers how to employ MASH, Maya’s motion graphics toolkit to create the lipid bilayer procedurally, and efficiently. MASH can take care of the general modeling and repetition of the lipid elements, as well as the animation, using a simple signal node.

MASH is excellent for this type of microscopic level animation. Check out a tutorial by Emily Holden who shows how to use MASH to create something in the same realm, animated Villi.