Working With the Superformula in Houdini VEX

David Kahl Demonstrates Using the Superformula in SideFX Houdini.

A new VEX Quicktip details how to work with the Superformular within Houdini’s VEX. David Kahl recently had a look into working with polar coordinates, covering the concepts and practical implementation in Houdini. The next logical step according to Kahl is to segue into Superformula. “The general concept is very similar to the polar coordinates,” Kahl says.

Instead of using aesthetic radius for circles, or a gradient radius like in a spiral, the superformula uses a math function to determine the range at any given point. “The formula creates a superellipse of a wide variety depending on the given parameters,” Kahl notes.

If you are looking to learn more about Houdini and VEX, you should check out David Kahl VFX on Patreon where David actively creates plenty of Houdini tutorials and content. The Patreon page often sees a lot of coverage on Houdini’s VEX Functions, and with VEX quick tips like this one, there is always something new to discover.