An Advanced Guide to Metallic Material in Octane C4D

Jonathon Burdock Does an In-Depth Summary of the Octane C4D Metalic Material.

Metal and metallic surfaces are the mainstays for look dev artists everywhere. Understanding how to master metallic surfaces is essential for realistic renders, so it’s no wonder that there are tons of tutorials out there on the topic. Octane recently updated the Metal Material to something a lot more functional, easier to use, and something that offers much more realistic results. Still, if you want to master the metal material in Octane, you should take a look at Jonathon Burdock’s Advanced guide to the Metallic Material in Octane C4D.

The tutorial is an in-depth look at Octane’s Metallic Material within Cinema 4D. The tutorial covers everything that you need to know about creating metals, and that includes reflection index modes, specular maps settings, IOR mode and a whole lot more.

The hour-long tutorial is an excerpt from Jonathon Burdock’s Epic J Creations Octane Master Course Training series. You can check that out here. The course offers 90+ videos and over 30 hours of training. Plus continuous updates for over a year after launch.

You can download a library of Physically Correct Metallic Materials For Octane C4D that use the techniques in the tutorial here.