How to Create Abstract Images With Nuke Particles and Geometry

Compositor Josh Parks Shows How to Create MoGraph-Like Elements With Nuke Particles, Geometry and Grade Nodes.

VFX Artist and Compositor Josh Parks offer some insights into a project of his that uses Nuke to generate some nice looking abstract images that are very reminiscent of popular motion graphics styles. “This month I’ve spent some time creating some cool looking abstract images in Nuke,” Parks says. “Today I want to share with you the Nuke script and a tutorial video so you can see how I did it and produce some of your images.”

Parks used a combination of particles in Nuke, along with some geometry and grade nodes to add the color to the image. If you work in After Effects, you might get a warm feeling inside from watching how a compositing tool with integrated unified 3D space and particles operates. Although primarily known as a high-end compositing tool, it’s interesting to see Nuke create motion graphic style images using a node-based workflow.

Josh Parks is a London based compositor currently working at Bluebolt, (previously ILM/DNEG/MPC). Parks specializes in Compositing in Nuke, as well as roto prep and python scripting. Parks work saw features in 3D World, 3D Artist magazine, CGtuts+, 3DTotal and 3dvf.