Using 3D Coat for Full Character Retopo

Watch PolyToots 3-Part Series That Covers How to Retopo a Character in 3D-Coat.

3D Coat offers a lot as the premiere 3D artist’s tool. Organic Sculpting, hard surface creation, 3D painting and texturing, UV’s and retopology are all well within 3D Coat’s wheelhouse. 3D workflows such as UVs and Retopology are at the forefront in 3D coat. Both of those disciplines are simple, easy to use, and shine in 3DC. Character retopo is exceptionally easy to learn.

Are you curious to see how character retopo gets done in 3DC? Watch this 3-part series from PolyToots that walks through the process, while also sharing many hints and tips to get a full character retopo easily in 3D-Coat.

3DC is affordable as an all-in-one application for 3D workflows and pipelines; it gives you everything you need to take your 3D idea from digital clay all the way to a production ready, a fully textured organic or hard surface model.