New Nitro Freebie MagicFlat is a Helpful Modeling Tool

MagicFlat Lets You Flatten Polygon Selection in C4D With a Click.

Nitro4D seems to be developing a few handy modeling tools as of late. The latest is under the “freebie” category, a C4D plugin called MagicFlat. As the name suggests, the plugin offers a button in C4D that will make any polygon selection flat, instantly. The plugin makes it easy to flatten elements when modeling, giving you a perfectly flat surface from a component selection.

Magic Flat lets you flatten based on minimum or maximum distances of the original model. It also takes the surface into account so that you can make flat surfaces on curved objects such as spheres, with the same click.

MagicFlat is free to download, visit Nitro4D to learn more.

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