NitroCap Caps Holes in C4D With Nice Topology

Nitro4D Releases NitroCap, a Plugin That Lets you Close Holes in C4D Models With Great Topology.

Notri4D’s new NitroCap plugin for C4D is a new tool that modelers can use to close holes in meshes. The C4D tool makes it easy to add caps to objects with a single click. Users can then change the resolution and topology of the newly created cap on the fly.

After you make a cap, you can rotate the polygons, increase or decrease the resolution, and change the curve shape. Also available are extrude and smooth the polygons. Seems like another simple and easy to use C4D tool from NitroMan that fills a hole missing with Cinema’s modeling toolset. Pun intended. Check out Nitro4D’s NitroCap page for more information.