Everyday Python Scripting Examples for LookDev and Shading

Arvid Schneider Shares Some Practical Examples for Using Python for Lighting and Shading in Maya.

Intimidated by Python? You don’t necessarily need to dive in head first and immerse yourself in learning to code to benefit from a little scripting. Lighting TD Arvid Schneider runs through some practical examples for using Python scripting in a lookdev and shading workflow in Autodesk Maya.

Scripting and Python scripting is a great tool to employ when you want to automate repetitive tasks or general housekeeping tasks. With Arvid’s latest Arnold episode, he shows how to easily run through shader replacements on hundreds of objects, and how to get and set attributes, all using a few lines of code written in Python.

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Want to Learn More About Python Scripting in Maya?

You should check out Chris Zurbrigg’s Beginning Python for Maya series. It’s a free course designed for anyone who is new to Python and scripting in Maya. By the end of this series students should have a fundamental understanding of the Python language, Maya commands and be able to create small scripts for Maya.