Chris Zurbrigg posts a new tutorial series for Beginning Python for Maya designed for people with no previous experience in scripting, and will provide a place to learn python and scripting in Autodesk Maya.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Python scripting in Maya. This series is designed for users who are new to Python and scripting in Maya

There are a host of short and helpful videos available already on the subject of getting started with Python, using Python vs MEL, and converting MEL commands to Python.

Chris notes that the series will offer a fundamental understanding of the Python language, Maya Commands, and by the end the series will have you creating simple scripts for Maya.

The series gets into using Chris Zurbrigg’s Charcoal Editor for Maya, a completely integrated, more modern script editor for Autodesk Maya.

Check out the Beginning Python for Maya series over at Chris Zurbrigg’s site here.