Creating Array Controlled Animation in Houdini

David Kahl Creates Array Controlled Animation by Sorting with Code, Controlling Data in Arrays, and Using Fancy Vector Math.

Have a look at David Kahl’s approach to using VEX to create a specific animation. In creating array controlled animation Jahl says “This is a simple example of that approach but can be used in many situations.” The tutorial covers a wide range of topics so Houdini artists will get a lot of information from this one.

How to sort points in Houdini with VEX code, how to handle array data, along with vector math are all on deck for creating a system of array controlled animation. “I started this with the idea of visualizing standard programming algorithm like the bubble sort I use in this video – and ended up with this. ” Kahl explains.

If you are looking to learn more about Houdini and VEX, you should check out David Kahl VFX on Patreon where David actively creates plenty of Houdini tutorials and content.