How to Create the Houdini Logo With Fourier Epicycles

Junichiro Horikawa shows how to implement Fourier Epicycles to draw any kind of single stroke drawing.

You don’t need to entirely understand French mathematician Jean-Baptiste Joseph Fourier’s work to appreciate the possibilities in computer graphics fully. A Fourier series can draw complex images as if it were magic. The cool thing is that with a bit of work, you can use Fourier Epicycles to draw anything using an application like Side FX Houdini.

Junichiro Horikawa’s latest tutorial shows how you can draw any single line image by using VEX and Fourier Epicycles. Junichiro’s tutorial covers making the iconic Houdini logo, that all starts with a single line vector art drawing brought in from Adobe Illustrator. Junichiro often mixes art and code in Houdini and previously covers a lot of really cool generative exercises from fractals to visualizing complex math.