Improve Simulation Quality in Houdini Using the Up-Res Node

Tyler Bay’s Houdini for the Artist Series Looks at the Gas Up-Res Node in Houdini and How it Can Offer More Details in Sims.

Tyler Bay has a free SideFX Houdini course specially made for anyone interested in learning the procedural powerhouse 3D tool. Houdini For The New Artist covers the basics in a way that is fun while still being straight to the point. If you are getting into Houdini, you may want to check it out.¬†Tyler’s latest tutorial shows how you can get more quality out of your Houdini sims by using the gas up-res node.

The node can give more resolution to smoke, fire or liquid simulation. Gas Up-Res is often used to save computational time by calculating a low-resolution sim and then using the up-res node to bring out more details.

The shelf tool creates a network of nodes, many of which are GPU enabled. You can get even more speed out of your workflows by switching on OpenCL acceleration for many nodes within the Up-res network.