JetFluids for C4D is Now Free for R20 Users

C4D fluids plugin JetFluids is now free, with no licensing requirements for C4D R20.

Plugins 4D JetFluids for C4D is now available for free without licensing restrictions. JetFluids is a fluids plugin for Cinema that uses the Jet Framework developed by Doyub Kim, author of the book “Fluid Engine Development.” Plugins 4D started developing JetFluids as a way to test out the Jet Framework. The plugin is currently in beta and only worked on part-time, which means that it won’t be a feature-complete product anytime soon.

Still, if you want to mess around with fluid dynamics inside of Cinema 4D, the price is right. Plugins 4D recommends not to use this plugin in production since it is in beta. “Also be aware that the file format may change, and any existing scenes may not load in future versions, but we will do our best to ensure they do.”

If you want to try out JetFluids download the zip file and unzip it into your plugins folder, it will then appear in a Jet Fluids menu at the top of Cinema 4D. Find out more here.

C4D users have plenty of choices when it comes to simulation tools within the application. It is also worthwhile to note that Navie Effect Simulation Framework is also a free alternative that can handle Most very type of physics simulations and volume modeling that included fluids, particles and more.