Rollermatic for Maya – Create a Rolling Rig for Any Polygon

Rollermatic will be a free Maya Python Plugin that creates a rolling rig no matter the poly object.

Creating a rig that can automatically roll a wheel is one thing, but creating one that can automatically roll an arbitrary object is quite another. CG generalist, 3d Supervisor/Director Arda Kutlu is currently working on such a rigging tool, and it’s called aptly Rollermatic. The python-based plugin for Autodesk Maya will instantly create a rolling rig for any polygon object so that it can roll freely no matter the surface.

Arda plans to distribute Rollermatic for free but is currently looking for some feedback and suggestions on Rollermatic before the release. He created this little preview video to spark interest in the tool. Rollermatic is both plugin and UI script written with Python. It is easy to use, works with any polygon object, making it possible to change the scale and topology of the object at any time. It also works with custom ground objects too.

Stay posted for the release.