Create a Looping Xpresso Rig for C4D Animations

CG Shortcuts Shows How to Build a Looping Xpresso Rig to Drive Mograph Effectors in C4D.

Dave Bergin (of CG Shortcuts) shows off an incredibly flexible C4D Animation rig that you can alter, change the setup and loop. It’s all thanks to Xpresso. C4D’s expression language runs a bunch of mograph effectors in the scene. Bergin shows how to make the Looping Xpresso Rig, with a helpful walkthrough.

Xpresso is the glue that can hold everything together in Cinema 4D. In Dave’s example, the holes in the scene are generated by splines within a mograph cloner, then extruded. A repurposed cloner also handles the animated spheres in the shot. Dave adds User Data to create the base controls for the whole set up, and expressions link the entire thing together.

You can download the free project file too and use it in your motion graphics work.