Knittr, a Free Procedural Knitwear Shader for Blender

Knittr, a Free Procedural Knitwear Shader for Blender

Simon Thommes Shares an Amazing Looking and 100% Procedural Knitwear Shader for Blender.

Freelancing 3D Artist Simon Thommes crafted a bunch of procedural shaders for Blender, and his most recent is a knockout. Knittr is an entirely procedural setup for Blender that can produce realistic knitwear with extreme details. You can also drive the shader with the standard image textures which in turn makes use of micro-displacement in Blender for all the details.

In all, Knittr is a 100% procedural shader that you can combine with image texture if you want to – It’s highly flexible and looks great along with cloth simulation. Knittr is generously free (or donation) along with three example patterns that come with it. The shader is built for Cycles but also works with Blender’s new Viewport engine Eevee.

Visit the Shader page for more information.

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